T070 Virgo constans

Standardised text incipit: 
Virgo constans
Reference sources: 

Full text: I-Mfd 2, ff. 109v-110r
Translation: Eva Ferro

Full text: 

Virgo constans decollatur
Pro cruore derivatur
Lac ab eius corpore.

Sponsa sponso sic unitur
Corpus Sinai sepelitur
Angelorum opere.

Tibi, Christe, splendor patris,
Decus et imperium,
Tu beatae Caterinae
Nobis da consortium.

English translation: 

The strong virgin is beheaded, instead of blood milk flows from her body.

In this manner the bride is united to the groom, (her) body is buried on the mount Sinai by the work of angels.

To you, Christ, splendour of the Father, (come) the dignity and the command, to us may you give the company of the blessed Catherine.

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