T099 Tu purificator omnium

Standardised text incipit: 
Tu purificator omnium
Reference sources: 

Full text: I-Mfd [4], ff. 63v-64r
Translations: Eva Ferro

Full text: 

Tu purificator omnium flagitiorum spiritus, 

Purifica nostri oculum interioris hominis. 

Da tuis fidelibus 
In te confidentibus
Sacrum septenarium. 

Apostolos confortasti uti tropheum Christi per totum mundum veherent. 

English translation: 

You spirit cleanser of all crimes, cleanse the eye of our inner man.

Give to your faithfuls, who confide in you, the sevenfold gift.

You strengthened the apostles, so that they could carry the sign of victory around the whole world.


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Source Motet incipit Attribution Rubric Cycle / Text
I-Mfd [4]
Tu purificator omnium
ID: M099
- C28 Sancti spiritus adsit
T099 Tu purificator omnium