T232 Christe fili dei

Standardised text incipit: 
Christe fili dei
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Full text: MotettiLQ, No. 39, ff. 28v (S), 92r (A), 59r (T), 124r (B)
Translation: NJE 25.14

Full text: 

Christe fili dei, mundi qui crimina tollis, miserere nobis.

Christe fili dei, mundi verissima salus, miserere nobis.

Christe fili dei, precibus sanctissimae matris adiuva nos et tolle tribulationem nostram.

English translation: 

Christ Son of God, who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy on us.
Christ, Son of God, most true salvation of the world have mercy on us.
Christ Son of God through the prayers of your most holy mother help us and take away our trials.

Motets with this text

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Source Motet incipit Attribution Rubric Cycle / Text
S:028v(b) A:092r T:059r B:124r
Christe fili dei : Christe fili dei mundi verissima : Christe fili dei precibus
ID: M232
Josquin de pres (as part of C53)
Josquin des Prez
- C53a Vultum tuum
T232 Christe fili dei