T072 Ave salus infirmorum

Standardised text incipit: 
Ave salus infirmorum
Reference sources: 

Full text: I-Mfd 1, ff. 145v-147r; I-Mfd 3, ff. 126v-127r
Translation: GASSER 2001, 527, rev. Eva Ferro

Full text: 

Ave salus infirmorum
Et solamen miserorum,
Dele sordes peccatorum
Te laudantium domina.

Ave mater Iesu Christi,
Virgo deum genuisti,
Per virtutem ascendisti
Dans salutem homini.

Inter spinas flos fuisti
Sic flos flori placuisti
Pietatis gratia.

Ave veri Salomonis
Mater, vellus Gedeonis
Cuius magi tribus donis
Laudant puerperium.

Virgo carens simili,
Tu quae mundo flebili
Contulisti gaudia.

Nos digneris visere
Ut cum Christo vivere
Possimus in gloria.

English translation: 

Hail, salvation of the weak, and consolation of the miserable; Destroy the squalors of the sins, of those who praise you, lady.

Hail, mother of Jesus Christ, as a virgin you bore a god. Through your virtue you ascended to heaven, granting salvation to mankind.

You were a flower among thorns, like a flower you pleased the flower through the grace of piety.

Hail, mother of the true Solomon, fleece of Gedeon, whose new-born the Magi praised with three gifts.

Virgin without compare, you who bestowed joys upon the weeping world.

May you deign to behold us, so that we may be able to live with Christ in glory.


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