M015 Tu thronus es salomonis : Salve mater pietatis : Lux eclipsim nesciens

Standardised text incipit: 
Tu thronus es salomonis : Salve mater pietatis : Lux eclipsim nesciens
Standardised composer: 
Attribution notes: 
"F. G." (I-Mfd 1), "Gaffori" (index; as part of C06)
Reference source: 
I-Mfd 1, ff. 87v-90r
Number of voices: 
D / D / G
Music incipit: 
Pre-existing melodies (Cantus prius facti): 
Modern editions: 
AMMM 5, 83-93; MCE 4.3; MM 200-212
Further notes: 

The third pars of this motet includes an Elevation passage.

Text details

Standardised text incipit: 
Tu thronus es Salomonis
Liturgical/devotional association: 
Marian feasts
Full text: 

Tu thronus es Salomonis
Cui nullus par in thronis
Arte vel materia.

Ebur candens castitatis,
Aurum fulvum claritatis
Praesignans mysteria.

Palmam praefers singularem
Nec in terris habes parem
Nec in caeli curia.

Laus humani generis,
Virtutum prae ceteris
Habes privilegia.

Sol luna lucidior
Et luna sideribus
Sic Maria dignior
Creaturis omnibus.

Salve mater pietatis
Et totius trinitatis
Nobile triclinium,

Verbi tamen incarnati
Speciale maiestati
Praeparans hospitium.

O Maria stella maris
Dignitate singularis
Super omnes ordinaris
Ordines caelestium.

In supremo sita poli
Nos assigna tuae proli
Ne terrores sive doli
Nos supplantent hostium.

Lux eclipsim nesciens
Virginis est castitas,
Ardor indeficiens
Immortalis caritas.

In procinctu constituti
Te tuente sumus tuti.
Pervicacis et versuti
Tuae cedat vis virtuti,
Dolus providentiae.

Iesu verbum summi patris,
Serva servos tuae matris,
Salva reos, salva gratis
Et nos tuae claritatis
Configura gloriae.

English translation: 

You are the throne of Salomon, to which none is equal among the thrones for its quality or material.

Shining ivory of chastity, yellow gold of brightness that foreshadows the mysteries.

You hold forth an extraordinary palm branch and you neither have an equal on earth nor among the celestial court.

You are the praise of the human race, you possess the privileges of virtues beyond all others.

As the Sun is brighter than the moon and moon is brighter than the stars, also Mary is more worthy than all creatures.

Hail, Mother of Compassion and noble chamber of the whole Trinity,

preparing a special lodging for the majesty of the word made flesh.

O Mary, star of the sea of singular dignity, you are ordained above all the orders of the heavens.

Placed in the very height of heaven, commend us to your Child, lest the terrors or evils of our enemies overthrow us.

The chastity of the Virgin is a light that does not know eclipse, is a flame that never ceases, is immortal love.

Ready for battle, we are safe as long as you watch over us. May the violence of the stubborn and cunning man give way to your virtue, <may> the evil intent <give way> to Providence.

Jesus, Word of the highest Father, preserve the servants of your mother, save the guilty ones, save <us> gratuitously and fashion us to the glory of your brightness.


Correspondences in standard ref works: 

Marian sequence attr. to Adam of St. Victor, AH 54, No. 245, pp. 383-386, st. 13-24
claritatis] caritatis
praesignans] praesignant
salva reos] solve reos

Lux...caritas is placed between Sol...omnibus and Salve...triclinium.

RH 2, No. 18051, pp. 513-514 sequence for Conception, Annunciation, Visitation, Purification and the octave of Assumption and of the Nativity of the BVM.

Further notes: 

AMMM 5, 90 incorrectly reports "Vox eclipsim" instead of "Lux eclipsim".

Music incipit (MEI): 

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I-Mfd 1
Tu thronus es Salomonis : Salve mater pietatis : Lux eclipsim nesciens
ID: M015
F. G., Gaffori (index; as part of C06)
Gaffurius, Franchinus
- C06 Salve mater salvatoris
T015 Tu thronus es Salomonis