M014 Salve decus virginum : Tu convallis humilis

Standardised text incipit: 
Salve decus virginum : Tu convallis humilis
Standardised composer: 
Attribution notes: 
"F. G." (I-Mfd 1), "Gaffori" (index; as part of C06)
Reference source: 
I-Mfd 1, ff. 85v-87r
Number of voices: 
D / G
Music incipit: 
Pre-existing melodies (Cantus prius facti): 

Incipit of stanza 1a of the sequence Salve mater salvatoris loosely quoted in C and T (opening):


"Salve mater salvatoris" (NOBLITT 1963, 162)

Modern editions: 
AMMM 5, 78-82; MCE 4.2; MM 161-166
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Text details

Standardised text incipit: 
Salve decus virginum
Liturgical/devotional association: 
Marian feasts
Full text: 

Salve, decus virginum,
Mediatrix hominum,
Salutis puerpera,

Myrtus temperantiae,
Rosa patientiae.
Nardus odorifera.

Porta clausa, fons hortorum,
Cella custos unguentorum,
Cella pigmentaria,

Cinnamomi calamum,
Murram, tus et balsamum
Superans fragrantia.

Tu convallis humilis,
Terra non arabilis
Quae fructum parturiit.

Flos campi, convallium
Singulare lilium,
Christus ex te prodiit.

Tu caelestis paradisus
Libanusque non incisus
Vaporans dulcedinem.

Tu candoris et decoris,
Tu dulcoris et odoris
Habens plenitudinem.

English translation: 

Hail, splendor of virgins, mediator of men, bearer of salvation,

Myrtle of temperance, rose of patience, fragrant spikenard,

Closed gate, source for the gardens, chamber and custodian of unguents, chamber of healing ointments,

Surpassing a branch of cinnamon, myrrh, incense and balsam in fragrance.

You humble valley, soil that cannot be ploughed [but] that bore a fruit.

Field flower, extraordinary lily of the valleys, Christ came forth from you.

You, heavenly paradise and uncut frankincense that emanates sweetness.

You, that possesses plenty of brightness and beauty, of sweetness and fragrance.

Correspondences in standard ref works: 

Marian sequence attr. to Adam of St. Victor, AH 54, No. 245, pp. 383-386, st. 5-12
Salve...odorifera and Porta...fragrantia are in inverted order.
superans] superas

RH 2, No. 18051, pp. 513-514, sequence for Conception, Annunciation, Visitation, Purification and the octave of Assumption and of the Nativity of the BVM.

Further notes: 

This text is the continuation of T012, and is continued in T015.

Music incipit (MEI): 

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I-Mfd 1
Salve decus virginum : Tu convallis humilis
ID: M014
F. G., Gaffori (index; as part of C06)
Gaffurius, Franchinus
- C06 Salve mater salvatoris
T014 Salve decus virginum