M109 Fide lapsa penitus : O salutaris hostia

Standardised text incipit: 
Fide lapsa penitus : O salutaris hostia
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Reference source: 
I-Mfd [4], ff. 75v-76r
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Pre-existing melodies (Cantus prius facti): 

This motet possibly quotes pre-existing material, but it can not be linked to any Cantus prius factus with a corresponding text.

Modern editions: 
, 499; 505
, 233; 332
Further notes: 

This motet is transmitted as a fragment.

Individual elevation motet. Considered as part of a seven motet cycle Diem novae gratiae (I-Mfd [4], ff. 70v-77r) by WARD 1986, 499 and 505, and GASSER 2001, 233 and 332. This hypothesis does not hold, as all seven motets include an elevation section (PAVANELLO 2017). See also M104-110.

Text details

Standardised text incipit: 
Fide lapsa penitus : O salutaris hostia
Liturgical/devotional association: 
Corpus Christi
Full text: 

Fide lapsa penitus,
Deus orbi caelitus
Alto de consilio
Subvenit in filio.

Corpus quod ex virgine
Traxit sine semine
Sacramentis abditum
Ob fidei meritum.

O salutaris hostia
Quae caeli pandis ostium
Bella premunt hostilia,
Da robur, fer auxilium.

English translation: 

When faith was completely elapsed, God came from Heaven on Earth from the lofty assembly into the son.

The body that (came) from the virgin, pulled without semen a hidden place in the sacraments because of the merit of faith.

O hail bringing victim, you who open wide the door of heaven, hostile armies press, give strength, bear aid.

Correspondences in standard ref works: 

O salutaris ... auxilium = Hymn Verbum supernum prodiens for Corpus Christi by Thomas Aquinas, AH 50, No. 388/4, pp. 588-589, st.5, Cantus ID 830336d

Related texts in polyphonic sources: 

I-Mfd 1, ff. 130v-131r, Ave regina caelorum ave domina angelorum : O salutaris hostia (G. v. Weerbeke) (= M035, T035)

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I-Mfd [4]
Fide lapsa penitus : O salutaris hostia
ID: M109
T109 Fide lapsa penitus : O salutaris hostia